Rhodo Ravine Project

Phase 1 of the Rhodo Ravine Restoration Project is complete.  We have a Concept Plan, bought and paid for, through the generosity of our 'Friends' members, a grant of $2,000 from the Real Estate Foundation of BC and a sizable contribution from the District of North Saanich along with our own monies earmarked for this essential project.


Phase 2 of the Rhodo Ravine Restoration Project was completed early in 2015.  We have detailed design specifications and tender document preparation for the reconstruction of the ravine and updated cost estimates.   A more detailed topographic survey to improve the base plan has been completed.  We had a qualified biologist to complete screening level habitat assessment.  A geotechnical engineer has completed an assessment to review stability of ravine slopes.  This work has been supported by our 'Friends' contributions.



Phase 3 with detailed planning completed we have now begun the restoration of the lower reaches of the streambed in the ravine.  In the fall of 2015 we completed a major goal of the restoration.  Stream bed slopes were stabilized and over 1000 deer ferns were planted in special soil bags covering about two thirds of the ravine.


With the help of Kerr Wood Leidal and the District of North Saanich we have developed a cost effective approach for relining the brook and retaining the ravine banks.


Members of the Board of the Friends of Dominion Brook Park Society are excited and enthusiastic about the progress being made in the restoration and rehabilitation of the ravine, Jewel of Dominion Brook Park.